Say My Name. It’s time we learned about the female body.


Recently a teacher in America lost her job for using the word vagina while discussing Georgia O’Keeffe paintings in her class of 14-15 year olds. I’m not even sure how you could teach about O’Keeffe without using the word vagina! Meanwhile, in a café in the UK a couple of ladies having a chat about […]

When having an abortion makes you a criminal


This Friday the 26th of February, the people of Ireland will take to the polls to elect a new government. One of the topics needing urgent attention is the country’s highly restrictive abortion laws. In the tourist travel book my boyfriend had when he first came to Ireland it warned “don’t start conversations with Irish […]

In search of what makes me Irish


“You know, an immigrant is just someone who used to be somewhere else.” said comedian Russell Brand. Whatever you think about the refugee crisis and migration, we have to admit he has a point. Allow me to introduce myself. I am an Irish immigrant who has been living in Belgium for ten years. I am […]

Watch What Happens When You Kill The Clickbait


Sometimes you just can’t resist those seductive headlines. Links like I’ve Been Brushing My Teeth Wrong All These Years. Have You? HUGE Difference! mostly lead to disappointing spammy content but we still find them so alluring. For Charlie Magazine I looked at why we should all stop clicking clickbait. #KillTheClickbait. This one almost got me […]

Needles, laziness, x-rays and a check-up.


On Christmas day it will be exactly one month since I left hospital. Being at home has run more smoothly than the nightmare scenarios I imagined. I’m not in pain and I can move around if needed. I’m learning to embrace laziness and even wrote about it for Charlie magazine. There were so many unknowns […]

15 x Laziness


I am learning how to be lazy. I practice every day. I’m getting quite good at it. Sounds strange, I know. Laziness is not considered an attractive trait. But I don’t have any other choice. Restricted to bed-rest following an operation on my back, laziness is my new friend. If I did not embrace laziness […]

Sinead, you’ve got more than 8 good reasons to stick around


Sinead O’Connor is no stranger to controversy. In 1992 she tore up a photograph of the pope while signing the word evil on live television. She did this in protest against child sex abuse in the church. It was not until years later that we learned how widespread this issue was. A typical case of […]

Day by Day – The Back Operation


In an effort to keep a short diary over the next week I will update this post each day with some news. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, jump over here for the background info. Day One – Friday So that happened. I feel like my whole back is a magnet and […]

Saying goodbye to the whole world.

2015-06-22 12

I feel like I’m saying goodbye to the whole world. Sounds dramatic right? Starting tomorrow I will have a different life. In my new life I will not have to worry about the weather. There will be no birthday parties, concerts, brunches, playgrounds and no Christmas dinner. There will be no workdays, no supermarkets, no […]

George and Milly


George and Milly is run by my sister the fashion guru. She mainly focuses on making stunning scarves, perfect for brightening up any outfit. She runs a gift shop located in The Barn of The Old Yard. With handpicked Irish gifts including household, fashion and kids toys and accessories I personally think that J. Law […]

Learning to love my self(ie)


I don’t know what I look like. I can’t visualise the shape and size of my body. I look at women and try to figure out if they have a similar shape to me. Catching my reflection in shop windows I wonder how other people see me. I’m often surprised by how I look in […]

Food Matters


Food Matters is a wonderful facebook page to help keep your nose in the right direction when it comes to food and living. They share fantastic quotes that make you think about what you put in your body. They tell the truth about nutrition and health. They help us to learn and love and get […]

The story of how my heart broke. Why we should talk about suicide.


It’s estimated that around one million people die by suicide worldwide each year. It is the most common cause of death in teenage girls and men under the age of 35. But yet nobody seems to talk about it. Austin and I met on New Years Day at a Mundy concert. A shy smartass with pink hair, carrying green and red striped crutches and a leg cast […]

Do you mean ‘seriously hilary the painter’?

cadix 20102

I used to know who I was. It was easy. hilary is a painter. hilary is ‘seriously hilary’. ‘seriously hilary the painter’ I imagined ‘seriously hilary’ into existence without any notion of what she would become. Seriously hilary was an email address hastily created in order to receive some serious files. As for the small […]

Don’t you see, Mia was the fox


Mia by Gorki was the first Belgian song I learned by heart. This song is on my lovers’ mixed tape, on my office playlist, on the soundtrack of my life in Belgium. Someone once said that Luc’s lyrics couldn’t be translated into English. That confused me. I thought everything could be translated. It has taken me years to understand. You can’t translate heart. You can’t […]

Give me a YES!


This morning I cried when a very dear friend of mine told me he would leave Ireland if the Referendum did not pass this Friday. He is not the only one. The Referendum my friend is talking about is the worlds’ first ever Marriage Equality Referendum. It is the first ever because most governments have recognised same-sex […]

A Chubby Story


Two things hit the news this week (well, on a twitter level anyway) that are related in a way like you’re related to someone you bump into in the street. The first story was the trending of #PlusSizeAppreciation on Twitter. The second story was about a report launched by the WHO stating that Europe is […]

OMG I’m a Charlie!


Becoming a writer for Charlie feels like coming home. A group of writers who write from the heart. Honest, real, inspirational stories. They write what they really feel, think and believe, without stopping to worry about being judged. Charlie is the breath of fresh air that the world needed. You can read all of my […]

Pixlr Express


All of the photos I post online have passed through Pixlr Express. It is super easy to use and OH SO pretty. Even when I post on Instagram, which has it’s own range of filters, I prefer to use Pixlr first for croping, rotating and zooming. I’ve been using Pixlr for years and it basically […]

What It’s Like To Be “The Girl With Long Hair”


For most of my life, I had really long hair. I mean really, really, really long. (In my 20s, it even went past my knees.) A long time before hashtags ever existed, I was #hilarywiththelonghair. Lucky for me, I have always had thick, healthy hair, so I never had any trouble with thinness or stringiness. My hair and I have gone through several […]

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


I am not usually one to be scared of things, I think spiders are cute, can handle heights reasonably well, no sign of a boogeyman in the darkness under my bed. There is only one thing that scares the living daylights out of me and that is gigantic huge human-operated machines, such as trucks and […]

Why to Love Walter Van Beirendonck’s Designs


The one and only designer dress I own is a 2009 Walter Van Beirendonck, and the reason I could afford (or pretend to afford) this particular dress has a lot to do with the ideals surrounding the Belgian fashion designer’s work. There are three main reasons I am attracted to his clothes: Firstly, it is fashion with a moral message — his […]

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Redheads


Do redheads come from another planet? Do they have super powers? These aren’t uncommon questions thrown around at the ginger community, so I decided to read up on our flame-haired friends and let you in on a few scientific secrets about these mysterious people. I have never considered myself a proper redhead because my sister Sarah’s locks are undoubtably redder […]

13 Fashion Problems That Only Extremely Sensitive People Will Understand


We have all dealt with uncomfortable items of clothes from time to time, sometimes we make that choice before going out the door. You know, the heels that are a couple of inches too high, the shapewear that renders you unable to sit? We’ve all been there. For other people, even their everyday clothes are uncomfortable and going […]

I Fucking Love Science


I enjoyed science in school but haven’t kept in touch since then. The I Fucking Love Science site is a superb way to catch up on lost time and let science back into your life. Follow them on facebook and before you know it you’ll be up to date on all the latest quirky science […]

Bustle Bustle


Bustle was my first writing job ever. I always enjoyed writing down my ideas but never imagined that someone would pay me to do it! Marie Southard Ospina took me under her wing and taught me the ropes. I learned a lot about myself in that time. I pushed myself to do things I never […]



I am head-over-heels in love with Typeform. A free online tool to make beautiful surveys and easily export results to excel. It is a pleasure to use and no other app has ever made me feel this happy. (In case you are wondering, no, they did not pay me to write this). Sadly the cute […]

Is Fashion Supposed To Be A Fairytale Or Should We Expect A Bit More Realism?


Fashion designers are often asked why they don’t opt for more realistic looking models to wear their creations on runways. Inspired by the catwalk of Elie Saab, featuring dreamy gowns and an enchanted forest, my question is: Is fashion supposed to be a fairytale? Is it our way of escaping from reality? Catwalk models seem unreal — unreachable. […]

Here’s What Not To Wear To A Kids Party


Whether you have kids or not, the fact is that once you hit 30, you’re going to start getting invited to kids birthday parties. These are social events that do not follow the rules you usually bear in mind when heading out. Looking trendy, hipster or sexy is certainly not what you need to aim […]

No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress


Today was one of those days that upon waking up and checking the state of affairs on the internet (while still in your pyjamas), you notice that no matter where you look, everyone is talking about the same topic. Normally on days like this the news is about a natural disaster, a plane crash, an […]

Victory Parade Lets You Create Your Dream Dress


Finding your dream dress is no easy task. After all, it must be the right shape, style and color — and it has to match that [probably unrealistic] dream dress criteria in your head. We’ve all been there: On that shopping trip to find the perfect dress for that very important event. All of a sudden, you […]

Don’t believe everything you think – what we think about gender.


In general I strive to treat people like people and to not treat anyone differently because of their appearance, gender, race, background, etc, etc. This sounds logical and straight-forward but I know that not everyone feels the same as me, even good, loving people sometimes believe wrong things just because they grew up being told […]

Abortion and Ireland, some more broken mother hearts.


In the tourist travel book my boyfriend had when he first came to Ireland it warned “don’t start conversations with Irish people about abortion or religion”. That was ten years ago and today I have to wonder if anything has changed. Quick update for those of you who are not aware of the situation with […]

FYI, Your Hair Has 5 Seasons


We live in a world where we seem to be moving further and further away from nature whilst forming habits that go against our natural beings, like sitting still for eight hours a day and using all kinds of chemicals in our food, in our beauty products and on our clothes. I decided to visit a natural […]

9 Absolutely Cringeworthy Lingerie Disasters


Whilst researching horribly embarrassing stories in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I discovered that there are two particular situations that seem to bring about the worst lingerie disasters: The fitting-room and the wedding. And I can totally understand why. In the fitting room, one is in a vulnerable position — half naked, trying on underwear that often doesn’t […]

What’s in Store for Body Image in 2015?


In the last couple of years, a few fashion designers and department stores have begun to realize that there is a need for diversity in the models they choose to advertise their products. Carrie Hammer is making fabulous clothes to fit real-life figures, more and more fashion publications and brands are publicly moving away from photoshop and the world […]

Why We Need To See More Real Bellies


All day long, we are presented with photos of humans in the mainstream media, but very rarely are we presented with “average” humans and their “normal” bodies. That there are problems with the way the mass media presents femininity and womanhood is no secret. But that being said, there are several sites and blogs in existence at the moment […]

Creepy Flashing Guy Update


I’m sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to find out how my crusade against Creepy Flashing guy is going! I’ll start with the good news, Edegem council have agreed to help me in a project to get the wall cleaned up and are even open to the idea of replacing the offending […]

Art Sheep


Art Sheep is my favorite site for soaking up art. It features the most interesting, new, confrontational, whimsical art from around the world. It always opens my eyes in some way or another. I often feel like I find things on that site that I have never seen before and could never even imagine.

Not in the Party Mood? These Quotes Will Help!


Theoretically, I think parties are great. I love them, because what’s not to love, right? But in reality, we all know the stress that comes with trying to get out the door when you really don’t feel like it — be it because you’re not coping well with a winter bug, your hair is not […]

Cute Sheep, Poisonous Plants and a French Dress.


Proud moment of the week: I made a Belladone! I bet you think I’m talking about Deadly Nightshade Atropa belladonna right? (Because I know my readers are down with the latin names for plants and stuff). The name “bella donna” means “beautiful woman” in Italian and the plant got this name because it was used […]

Sewing Tips for the Pseudo Dressmaker


It has happened to the best of us: The shopping disaster day. We drag ourself from shop to shop, searching for that perfect dress and go home empty-handed and frustrated. But what if I told you that you could make the dress of your dreams, and that it would fit you perfectly? Want to try […]

Photoshop me pretty.

Snapshot 09:12:14 11:50

After reading about this photoshop experiment: I Asked 21 Photoshop Experts From Around the World to Make Me (A Plus-Size Woman) Beautiful — Here’s What They Did and seeing the results, I was curious what the result would be if I would photoshop the photo. (By the way, High-Five to Iceland!) I’m no photoshop expert, but I do […]

Down with this sort of thing

2014-12-03 121

On my daily school-route cycle I pass a piece of graffiti that bothers me greatly. Complaining about grafitti is not something that I normally do, I am happy with most things that bring colour to our world but I’m making an exception for this one. It is an image of an old grinning guy flashing […]

Soft Cactus in the sun

2014-05-16 21.15.19

I made this scarf with three prints from the first range of  Soft Cactus fabrics based on a George and Milly design. This range was fun to work with because of the matching colour palates and pretty designs. The second range has just been released and I am looking forward to choosing a project to […]



I want to be more aware of passing time. A year flies past as if it was a month… Four years, five years… whoosh… When I was in school each year seemed like a century. Time went by so slowly and each new year was clearly outlined and defined by a class title and new […]

The Murze


If you understand the words below then is the blog for you! I just like it cause it has a super cute teeny tiny gameboy favicon (I pinched the icon from the source code so I do have a certain geek level, but nothing close to that of Mister Murze) Quaternion Monkeys Paw Perfmap […]

Lucy Takes Photos


Lucy Takes Photos is a long time friend and lady after my own heart when it comes to love of colours. This is clear to see in her fantastically pretty and wonderful photography. I am proud to list myself as one of her extremely satisfied customers, you can find the results of her shoot with […]

Mister Yvez


Mister Yvez is a graphic designer based in my living room who makes all kinds of lovely things! He has a soft spot for festival posters but is a dab-hand at house-styles, flyers, advertisements, logos, invitations… the list goes on and on! You can check out his work here, you will probably recognise some of […]

Great Expectations


In my teenage years I was in love with the 1998 version of Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. I spent hours pausing it and sketching the pretty shapes and clothes and drawings. I loved the feeling of the film, the fact that the colours reflected the emotions of the scene. Most of […]

Mother and Baby – A Mother’s Heart

Snapshot 03:12:14 11:20

I wrote this article during the summer and it was published on the Mum’s Days blog on the 13th of June 2014, it was her most shared article on Facebook until then. I am really proud of myself for writing this article and that it turned out so well albeit a difficult subject matter. Hannah’s […]


Hey-Day Florist


The official bio: “At Hey Day Wedding Florists our team of expert and imaginative designers can cater for your every wedding requirement. Our unique and individual approach to each wedding ensures the highest quality and design. So whether your wedding is a small and intimate or a large and lavish affair, let us use our […]

Bobby Sewing


At Bobby Sewing in Mortsel you can find the most lovely fabrics, and lots of friendly advice from Joanna. If you’re not in the area and see a fabric on her facebook that you fancy, ask nicely and she’ll even put it in the post for you!

Mums days


Mum’s days is a fab parenting and general all round life blog run by the wonderful Hannah Parker. “Every Mum’s Day is split into bits of time and every Mum will tell you that there aren’t enough of those bits to get everything done. But we do what we can and we do it the best way we can. […]

Bouquet of Buttons


Bouquet of buttons is a lovely sewing and style blog, I will let Lieke introduce herself: “I like beautiful people, beautiful on the inside that is. I like eyeliner, red lipstick, wearing skirts, the smell of fresh brownies, people who smile randomly on the street, drying my freshly washed hair in the wind, hugs, reading […]

Unbearable + Lightness + Being


“Is heavyness truly deplorable and lightness splendid? The heaviest of burdens crushes us, we sink beneath it, it pins us to the ground. The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and thruthful they become. Conversely, the absolute absence of a burden causes man to be lighter than […]

IMG_7314 copy

Be the change you want to see in the world…


This is an article I wrote for my mum in February 2013 when she decided to close her business and asked me to write something to encourage people to shop local and save other small business from the same fate. Following the sharing of this article on facebook, Hey-Day Florist was invited to speak on […]

How to Fashionably Keep Warm in the Winter


Sorry to be the one to say it, but summer is long gone and it’s time to find ways to deal with the extreme cold that has entered our lives once again. No more denial: Dig out your abandoned winter wardrobe and learn to love it again. My son is a huge fan of the film Frozen (who […]

Seriously hilary: The Newsletter


I really should send out more newsletters than I do. My current record is one mail in the last 6 years. So there is no need to worry about getting swamped! Sign up below and I’ll try to ensure you hear from me at least once a year. 😉



September 2004 
Acrylic on canvas 51x75cm There was a person who brought love and light and beauty into my life. And I felt darkness and hurt when he left the world. But I still have his love and light and beauty in my heart. “I wouldn’t swap the pain for never knowing you,
I wouldn’t swap […]