Photoshop me pretty.

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After reading about this photoshop experiment: I Asked 21 Photoshop Experts From Around the World to Make Me (A Plus-Size Woman) Beautiful — Here’s What They Did and seeing the results, I was curious what the result would be if I would photoshop the photo. (By the way, High-Five to Iceland!) I’m no photoshop expert, but I do […]

Down with this sort of thing

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On my daily school-route cycle I pass a piece of graffiti that bothers me greatly. Complaining about grafitti is not something that I normally do, I am happy with most things that bring colour to our world but I’m making an exception for this one. It is an image of an old grinning guy flashing […]

Soft Cactus in the sun

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I made this scarf with three prints from the first range of  Soft Cactus fabrics based on a George and Milly design. This range was fun to work with because of the matching colour palates and pretty designs. The second range has just been released and I am looking forward to choosing a project to […]



I want to be more aware of passing time. A year flies past as if it was a month… Four years, five years… whoosh… When I was in school each year seemed like a century. Time went by so slowly and each new year was clearly outlined and defined by a class title and new […]

The Murze


If you understand the words below then is the blog for you! I just like it cause it has a super cute teeny tiny gameboy favicon (I pinched the icon from the source code so I do have a certain geek level, but nothing close to that of Mister Murze) Quaternion Monkeys Paw Perfmap […]

Lucy Takes Photos


Lucy Takes Photos is a long time friend and lady after my own heart when it comes to love of colours. This is clear to see in her fantastically pretty and wonderful photography. I am proud to list myself as one of her extremely satisfied customers, you can find the results of her shoot with […]

Mister Yvez


Mister Yvez is a graphic designer based in my living room who makes all kinds of lovely things! He has a soft spot for festival posters but is a dab-hand at house-styles, flyers, advertisements, logos, invitations… the list goes on and on! You can check out his work here, you will probably recognise some of […]

Great Expectations


In my teenage years I was in love with the 1998 version of Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. I spent hours pausing it and sketching the pretty shapes and clothes and drawings. I loved the feeling of the film, the fact that the colours reflected the emotions of the scene. Most of […]

Mother and Baby – A Mother’s Heart

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I wrote this article during the summer and it was published on the Mum’s Days blog on the 13th of June 2014, it was her most shared article on Facebook until then. I am really proud of myself for writing this article and that it turned out so well albeit a difficult subject matter. Hannah’s […]